A world-class Training Platform (LMS)
and the Highest Quality Video Courses

Specifically Designed to Develop Your Dental Team

Employee Onboarding

Transition Training

Communication Skills

Leadership & Management

The perfect solution to help DSOs and single practices implement a better on-boarding and training program.

Your Dentlogics Subscription Includes

On-demand access to all courses in the catalog (New courses added every month)
Position-based learning paths for phase training
Subscriptions start at with 10 user seats
One admin account to manage your entire team
Reporting and Analytics

One subscription gets you instant access to dozens of courses instructed by various industry-leading experts.

Everything you need to grow your team all in one place, for a fraction of the cost of other development tools and in-person training.

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Unlimited access to every course and learning path for every member of your team.

Assign Courses

Assign courses to team members and track their progress.

See the Results

With advanced reporting, you can track team members’ progress as they master crucial professional skills.


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