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Insurance 101: Avoid Preauthorizations

About This Video:

In this video, insurance expert Tessina Bullock discusses why in many cases, offices should avoid preauthorizations. This video is just one part of Tessina’s Insurance 101 Master Course featured on Dentlogics. Get unlimited team access to this course exclusively through a Dentlogics subscription.

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About the Instructor:

Tessina Bullock has been working in dentistry since 2008. She is an insurance expert with a natural curiosity and desire to fight for the underdog. She has been featured in Dental Economics magazine for single handedly getting the insurance commissioner to investigate and successfully terminate illegal practices from insurance companies. She has been featured in many podcasts discussing how offices can succeed at getting insurances to pay. Her goal and passion in her consulting is teaching practices how to take the power back from insurance companies and put it back into the hands of the Dental industry where it belongs!